Interior Design Project of Book Store, JV with ikg inc. in X’ an, China YJY MAIKE CENTRE FLAGSHIP STORE

First floor Bookstore. The concept is “Library and Gallery”. There is 5 Star Grand Hyatt Hotel above and this store was meant to be used as the lounge of the hotel. High quality is the essential element of the design. The visitors are invited to go upstairs by the caracole lighted up by fluttering paper-like illuminations.


Interior Design Project of Book Store, JV with ikg inc. in X’ an, China YJY MAIKE CENTRE FLAGSHIP STORE

Xi’an is located approximately 1,000km west of Beijing, the capital of China, and the capital of Shan Xi Shen in the middle of China. The population of Xi’an is about ten million and it has flourished by having the capital of 13 dynasties throughout the history of more than 25 centuries. During the Tong Dynasty, Xi’an was called Chang’ an, and it was at the height of its prosperity, and the international city as the origin of Silk Road. Also, the famous terracotta army buried in the mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China is located outside of Xi’an and there exist many world heritages of those dynasties in the Xi’an area.

Xi’an has an extraordinary long history even in China, but the area about 10 km south-east from the city center is presently spotlighted as the hi-tech industrial zone and Xi’an is taking the position of leadership on the latest technology development of China. In the area, Maike Centre is a symbolic twin tower with 34 and 45 stories, and YJY MAIKE CENTER FLAGSHIP STORE exists in the podium of the buildings with a total floor area of 4,450 m2, a large-scale bookstore opened in December 2018.

Maike Investment Holding Group, the developer of the Maike Center, projected to arrange a symbolic bookstore as a flagship and searched for a designer world-wide. They visited Japan and were deeply impressed by the interior design of Tsutaya Electrics at Futako-Tamagawa. They requested ikg inc, the designer of the bookstore to design the flagship store. Ms. Tomoko Ikegai, the president of ikg inc., was interested in the project and requested JPM to form a partnership for the project management, who used to cooperate for the overseas projects. The design started in December 2016. This YJY MAIKE CENTRE FLAGSHIP STORE was highly appreciated by the business fields of interior design globally and awarded IIDA (International Interior Design Association)Best of Asia Pacific Design Awards | 2019 Best of Competition, and Japan 6th Interior Planning Award 2020 consecutively.

1階 吹き抜け

Under the vaulted ceiling of the first floor, 10m high shelves are arranged and overwhelming volume of books are displayed as the main character of the bookstore.


The café space is arranged around the vaulted ceiling and an art of Mr. Masatake Kozaki decorates the wall, which was produced by the motif from Silk Road.

The 2nd floor has two functions: one is to provide a space for communication and relaxing for the businesspeople in the area and second is a 50m long Book Street. Both harmonize very well and produce a high-quality and tranquil atmosphere. Taking into consideration of the historical heritage of Xi’an, concept of “palace room layout” was also implemented.


On the 2nd floor, the kids-space is arranged so that family with kids can enjoy shopping for a longer time.


A multi-purpose Hall for the events and conferences.

This bookstore was well-known and became popular amongst the Xi’an citizens by the effect of many world-class awards together with the stunning interior design and overwhelming volume of books. Now, it is counted as the symbol of the Xi’an hi-tech area and collects many customers. It truly performs the roles as the flagship store.

The above Xi’an Flagship Store is a good example of successes of cooperation between the predominant Japanese designers and the project management for the international projects. To extract the capability of the designers and further implement the projects, it is very important to introduce the function of the project management to arrange good working conditions, such as grabbing the requests of the customers, conquering the language barrier, obtaining the understanding of the design intents, adjusting the design to the local laws, regulations and customs, schedule control, contracting and payment acquisition, and by this, the designer can exercise more than 100% capability. JPM is intending to further expand these kinds of services for enlarging the markets and business fields.


Floor Area :
4,450m2/ 1st Floor 2,300m2/ 2nd Floor 2,150m2
Period :
2December 2006 – October 2018
Open :
December 14, 2018
Interior Design :
ikg inc.
Design Cooperation :
A Factory inc.
Project Management :
JPM(Japan Power Media Co,Ltd.)
Lighting Design :
sola associates
Graphic design :
ujidesign co.,ltd.
Photo :
Nacása & Partners
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