Project Management

Implementing building projects overseas by the use of state-of-the-art technology and IT, people tend to put more preference and priority on the engineering aspects of such projects. However, people should understand the importance of project management, as well, which enables the various advanced technologies to function and integrate effectively. Numerous projects can be easily counted, which failed as a result of negligence of project management and it is an essential element to lead the project to success together with the engineering.

Especially in China, this is considered to be very important, and JCAP7 respects the human networks with active politicians and business persons. Through this strong network acquired by JCAP7, we can proceed with client management, acquisition of statutory approvals, communication with the local staff, and acceleration of payments. JCAP7 can dispatch qualified engineers to manage the production of the construction drawings produced by Chinese design firms in terms of quality, schedule and cost control to minimize the occurrence of problems in the construction stage. As such, JCAP7 can achieve consistent management from planning/design to the construction stages so that the original design concept will be perfectly maintained.

The necessity for project management is always the same for every project in the world; simply put, it is implemented under different languages, laws, and customs. JCAP7 lines up experienced staff to cope with the international projects that can link up with the various consultants and associates widely spread all over the world. JCAP7 has a strong belief that it is capable management staff that can progress the project forward smoothly.

A contract is fundamental to any project. JCAP7 can provide capable staffs who are familiar with FIDIC, the accepted format and structure of the general conditions of contracts for overseas projects.

JCAP7 has a policy to utilize the contracts to clarify the scope of works and the rights and the responsibilities of the contracted parties on the implementation of the projects in China.

Many overseas clients are visiting Japan to see and learn the Japanese way of Onsen inn management. The picture shows when guests visited Otani Village in Yumoto Onsen in Yamaguchi Prefecture and everybody experienced the spirit of “Omotenashi”, Japanese hospitality.

3-D models or perspectives are used for presentations to the clients to provide an accurate stereoscopic image to avoid any misunderstandings on the project deliverables.

JCAP7 considers that it is most important to clearly understand the wishes of the client and obtain his satisfaction on the execution of the Project.

JCAP7 always tries to understand the site conditions and information accurately and to reflect them in the planning and design. The picture shows the site investigation before commencement of the construction and it is one of the important services for the project management.

JCAP7 monitors the progress of the construction and reviews the schedule, quality and cost and provides informative feedback to the project management.

Controls of the schedule, quality and cost are the main items of the project management and JCAP7 pursues these controls for the success of the projects.

Taking the computer graphics CG as the management tool、JCAP7 uses it for presentations to enhance the understanding of the project by the clients. This is an example of the perspectives drawn by CG and it increases the effect of the presentation.

This is an example of CG perspectives of an entrance to a condominium for a sales promotion.

Animation movies are produced by JCAP7 by the use of advanced CG technology. This enables JACAP7 to further increase the effect of the presentation to deepen the understanding of the project by the clients and to use such presentations for sales purposes.