In recent years, Asian countries have achieved remarkable economic development, and it is predicted that more than 50% of the world’s GDP will be produced by Asian counties in the near future. Focusing on the growing Asia, JCAP7 was established to undertake those development projects within the region by the seven professional companies who have been working together for planning, design and facility operations.Presently, the world is seeking changes in terms of quality and quantity; JCAP7 can successfully and efficiently satisfy all desires and wishes of the clients in the fields of land use planning, resort development rooting to the Japanese traditional hot spring inns, high-class senior residences, large scale offices and hotels, landscaping and support to the hotel operations. It is JCAP7, the organization of “All in One”, which is a gathering of professional groups who implement their respective fields with pride and honor. JCAP7 is committed to dedicate itself to the successful implementation of the complex mega projects in the Asian region and contribute to the further development and well-being of Asia.

In Asian countries, the development projects initiated by the private sectors have the following characteristics;
● Large scale development on the vast land
● Complex and diversified development
● Requirement for consistent services from the planning to implementation
● Requirement for high levels of technology in each field of development
● Rational and experienced project management skills based on the contracts
JCAP7 is fully capable of implementing all of the above in all respects of planning, design, construction management and operations in those mega-projects. Above all, JCAP7 is the trusted expert to inspire the traditional beauty of Japanese culture into the design, in order that it is appreciated and admired by all. Moreover, it is the era of globalization and localization, and Asian countries have sufficient capabilities to perform the projects by themselves. JCAP7 looks forward to cooperate with the experts of the local consultants so that Japanese technology and culture can blend effectively and smoothly with the local atmosphere, culture and environment.