Illumination design

Illumination design is an effective tool to enhance the architectural design in the night and for dark spots and also it improves the visual image of the space and accordingly the living conditions.

Illumination Design of Ohtani Mountain Villa, Otosin, Yomoto Onsen

Hakone Tenzan

Hakone is an area of Japanese hot springs and Tenzan is one of the top hot spring inns in Hakone.

Akakura Kanko Resort & Spa

(Akakura Onsen, Niigata Prefecture)
Four Seasons Onsen resort in Myoko Highlands to spend a luxurious time above the clouds.

Kasuien, Kaibi

(Tamatukuri Onsen, Shimane Prefecture)
The Onsen inn located at the Shinji Lake-side is proud of its tradition and the culture of the region. A matured atmosphere filled with fragrant flowers.

Kuriya yasohachi

(Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikwa Prefecture)
Along the still mountain stream, the guests will spend a relaxing time on the paddy fields terrace.

Keihan Electric Railway, Nakanoshima Line, Nakanosima Station and 3 other Stations

(Osaka Prefecture)
A new subway passing through the middle of Osaka business quarter. Wooden materials are used for exterior and interior design of the stations to give an impression of a living room in the city.

E Company Office Building

Tradditional Japanese wooden architecture, a Gassho A-Frame is used to create modern ofice spaces.