Architectural Design

Education, Culture and Sports Facilities

Education, culture and sports facilities are all identical to the city culture. JCAP7 will create those architectural spaces bearing in mind the history and future of the city so that they can cheer up the citizens.

Inner Mongolia Grand Theater and Museum

(Hohhot City, Inner Mongolia, China)
The Mongolian peoples have created a Nomad Culture through the exchange of a diversity of ethnic races on the wide open grassland. The grand theater with 1,500 seats and a museum with a floor area of 50,000㎡ are designed to coexist and harmonize.

Suntory Hall

A music hall designed to resemble a vineyard and exclusively used for classical music. The acoustic efficiency of the hall is highly appreciated internationally.

Minatomachi River Place

(Osaka Prefecture)
On a very limited area surrounded by a river, roads and highways, Minatomachi River Place is built as a landmark of the city and used as a music hall and FM radio station.

School of Software Technology, Dalian University of Technology Dalian

(Liaoning Province, China)
Winning on the international competition for Library, Software Center and Education Building. Design concept is to represent the wisdom and passion and to integrate the advanced technology and nature into the human network.

Himeji Dokkyo University, Faculty Buildings for Medical Health and Pharmacy, Himeji City

(Hyogo Prefecture)
The buildings were designed to have both experiment and research functions. The exterior design has the characteristics to adopt an equipment balcony system to ease the future renovation of the facilities.

Tangshan Olympic Center (competition selected)

(Hebei Province, China)
Gymnastic hall and swimming pool. The whole roof is covered by solar panels and connection with the stadium is done with an environmental friendly design to appreciate the natural ventilation system.