Nabana no Sato in Nagashima Resort

(Mie Prefecture)
This is a theme park housing flower fields, hot spring facilities, restaurants and a flower market on a 234,000m2 area of land.

Hakone Tenzan

(Kanagawa Prefecture)
Hakone is representative of Japanese hot springs and Tenzan is one of the top hot spring inns in Hakone.

Karuizawa Sanso, Mountain Retreat

(Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture)
Karuizawa is a typical summer resort in Japan
and Karuizawa Sanso is a large scale wooden construction with a floor area of over 2,000m2.

Ochanomizu Hotel, Jyuraku

(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Hotel to treat the guests with warm hospitality saying “Well comeback”, though it is located in the middle of Tokyo.

Hotel Kanayama-en

(Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture)
Always new excitement! Have a good appetite in the dining room at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Hotel Noto Club

(Wakura Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Enjoy high quality peace and a luxurious time and a comfortable atmosphere like a residence.

Yutomori Club

(Tokarita Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture)
Grand nature and hot spring of Zao!


(Matsushima, Miyagi prefecture)
Excellent view of Matsushima, three of the most scenic spots in Japan, as if floating on the bay!

Akakura Kanko Resort & Spa

(Akakura Onsen, Niigata Prefecture)
Four season Onsen resort in Myoko Highland to spend luxurious time above the cloud world.

Yuami-no –Shima, Bathing Island

(Nagashima Onsen, Mie Prefecture)
Entertainment park of hot springs with 9 open-air spas,
2 in house baths and 2 chartered baths surrounded by a dynamic natural landscape.

Arima Grand Hotel (Spa)

(Arima Onsen, Hyogo Prefecture)
Moderate and peaceful time in the Arima Mountain Area where the guests are always welcomed in any season and on any day.

Hotel Niwa

The concept is to create a space where Japanese beauty can be felt in the middle of city bustle.


(Yugasima Onsn, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Matured resort hotel along the Kanou River in Yugashima, Amagi.

ANA Holiday Inn, Kanazawa Sky

(Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture)
Sky living and Spa overlooking an old castle city, Kanazawa.

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