Architectural Design

Japanese Hot Spring Inn and Hot Spring Spa

Japanese styles inn is identical to the Japanese culture of life and JCAP7 has been studying the best technology on the architectural design to adopt to the long span of time and environmental changes, and to transfer the Japanese way of living and culture to the next generation. Also, hot spring facilities must be designed to feel the natural comfort so as to fully enjoy it’s warmness and efficacy.


(Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture)
Tofuya is a Japanese style resort in small Yoshina Onsen surrounded by the mountains. The premise is about 120,000m2 through which a clear stream, Yoshina River is flowing and guest rooms, restaurants and Onsens are scattered about the small Yoshina Onsen surrounded by the mountains.

Kokian Yuda Onsen

(Yamaguchi Prefecture)

Minara Onsen

Typical Onsen spot in Japan, Ehme Prefecture.

Haruno Onsen

Haruno Onsen, the hot springs representing Kochi, Shikoku.


(Sakunami Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture)
Everywhere in this area there are hot springs, bright and spacious, but nothing except hot springs, a new concept of hot spring cure.

Yunokuni Tensyo

(Yamashiro Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture)
Ochaya style dining room, an old Japanese entertainment place with traditional decorations. In a tranquil atmosphere, the guests enjoy excellent slow coked foods.

Daikon no Hana, a mountain villa

(Tokarita Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture)
Rooms, Onsen and foods to fully enjoy and feel the nature! A new style resort offering the local products for guests’ consumption!

Kasuien, Minami, Tamatukuri Onsen

(Shimane Prefecture)
The Onsen inn located at the Shinji Lake-side is proud of its tradition and the culture of the region, A matured atmosphere filled with fragrant flowers.

Onjyuku Tsutaya along Romantic Street of Kisoji

(Nagano Prefecture)
The place for everybody to gather and to talk joyfully in this inn, where the babbling stream of Kiso River gives supreme relief to the guests.

Inn of Shigure, Yunushi Ichijyo

(Kamasaki Onsen, Miyagi Prefecture)
Kamasaki Onsen as appreciated, saying “Kamasaki Onsen to heal a wound” Staying in forestry Ichijyo, the guests feel time slip by and loose the consciousness of time.

Kuriya Yasohachi

(Yamanaka Onsen, Ishikwa Prefecture)
Along the still mountain stream, the guests will spend a relaxing time on the paddy fields’ terrace.


(Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen, Fukushima Prefecture)
Appreciate the magnificent views of Ohkawa River overlooking the giant rocks from the open-air spa.


(Hawai Onsen Tootori Prefecture)
An inn with a viewing deck overlooking lake Shinji to spend an easygoing time in a place that has never changed since old legend days.


(Atumi Onsen, Yamagata Prefecture)
A historical hot spring inn with a history of more than 300 years since opening. The guests can enjoy the traditional hot spring and rich foods of Shonai Plane.