Hotel Porch

Hotel Porch


Dalian Shuyuan Project, Onsen Hotel and Villas No.2

 Shuyuan Project was reported by JCAP7 NEWS No.1 dated March 6, 2017, when it was about to have its grand opening.
The Onsen hotel and villas were developed in the Tangjingze Hot Sprring Area. They are 40 km east of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China and the hotel had a grand opening in April 2017. After one year since the grand opening, JCAP7 wishes to report the present status of the hotel and villas. JCAP7 has been devoted from the early stage of the project starting from master planning and further to acquisition of statutory approvals, design, and design supervision during the construction, and the support of the hotel opening and operation. JCAP7 is committed to be involved in the overall life cycle of the project.
Fortunately, professional photographer, Mr. Toshihide Kajiwara, has visited the hotel to take pictures of what it looks like today. The facilities of the Tangjingze Onsen Hotel are introduced through the eyes of the professional photographer:


Hotel Lobby observed over the Fall Garden


The Fall Garden: JCAP7 proposed Karesansui, dry garden style fitting to the Japanese architecture such as this Fall Garden, the Shirakawa Garden and the Fountain Stone Garden.

 The Project Owner is the Dalian Shuyuan Group and its site being as large as 37,000 m2 for the hotel and 90,000 m2 for the villa development. Since the grand opening in April 2017, it has become very popular as the authentic Japanese style Onsen hotel in China. The adjacent single-day Onsen facilities are also having many guests, since it is located within the proximity of the large city, Dalian. The reasons of this popularity are firstly, the visitors can feel the atmosphere of Japanese Onsen in China easily and secondly, many Chinese people recall having a good time staying in the Japanese Onsen Ryokan and meeting the spirit of hospitality, as we call Omotenashi.

 Inspired by this Japanese boom, the sales of the villas are going well and approximately 200 units of villas are sold out, which were developed through Phase I to Phase III. Presently, the development business is very slow in China, but the Dalian Shuyuan Group has achieved excellent sales record. Taking this opportunity, the Owner plans to start the next development of villas as soon as possible. JCAP7 is presently studying the most optimum plan with the Owner who visited Japan in February 2018 and researched various housing developments to establish the sales strategy and development scheme.


Shuyuan Project Bird’s Eye View

 At the request of the Owner, the architectural and interior design of the buildings was performed by the pure Japanese style. Once we step into the lobby of the hotel or Spa, we would feel as if we were in the high end Onsen Ryokan in Japan.

Onsen Spa Lobby

Onsen Spa Lounge

Restaurant Banquet Hall

Restaurant Hall

Restaurant Viking Area

Bar overlooking at the Fall Garden through the windows

Japanese style guest room named “Summer Peach”: “Mountain Song Park” can be viewed far away over the hotel garden from the open Onsen bath while bathing.

 Japanese style Onsen is very popular in China. In fact, the Owner was very much impressed by the hospitality, Omotenashi sprit, and the healing atmosphere provided by the Japanese style Onsen Ryokan. The Owner strongly requested JCAP7 to realize the similar facilities in China. JCAP7 is proud of having high appreciation from the visitors of the hotel and Spa and is committed to create higher quality facilities and services for the next phase of the development.

Onsen, Swimwear area

Ladies Open Bath

The Shirakawa Garden

The Fountain Stone Garden

 The villas are designed in the Japanese style as well. In general, the floor areas of Chinese villas are designed to be 200-300 m2, but in Shuyuan project, it was set to be less than 200 m2. But room layouts are made more effective and flexible in a Japanese way. Further, the second floor is set back from the lower floor façade to give a more open atmosphere on the streetscape. Landscaping was a mixture of Japanese and Chinese cultures, namely Japanese gardens were designed and created by using the materials locally available in China such as trees, stones and woods. A Japanese gardener was dispatched to the site for the supervision of tree planting and stone arrangement to produce the Japanese garden atmosphere. We believe that such efforts done during the design and construction supervision bear fruit and lead to the result of 200 units sold.

Shuyuan Villa District: Far end is the Phase III during construction

Single Family Villa with a Pool

 JCAP 7 has been providing entire design services including, planning, design, government permits, and construction administration. In addition, JCAP 7 has been preparing the hotel opening with teaching Japanese hospitality, the “Omotenashi” mind, and instructing Japanese cuisines by authentic Japanese Chefs sent from Japan. As it is the embodied policy of JCAP7 to provide total project management services from planning and design to hotel operation, it is our great honor for the execution of the policy on the Shuyuan project, and we are very proud of announcing its project completion.

Opening Support of Hotel Operation for Shuyuan Onsen Hotel

 The Owner has been very keen in realizing the Japanese atmosphere in the operation of the facilities. JCAP7 was involved in the preparation of the hotel opening and the operation of producing an atmosphere of hospitality. JCAP7 was also involved in teaching Japanese cousins by the authentic Japanese chefs sent from Japan. The scope of services for the operation support is as follows:

  1. ①Establishing the operation policy
  2. ②Advising operation know-how of high class Japanese Onsen hotel
  3. ③Preparation of the time schedule towards the hotel opening
  4. ④Advise the operation organization
  5. ⑤Training of the operation staff
  6. ⑥Advising the kitchen instrument
  7. ⑦Preparing a list of kitchen tools and goods
  8. ⑧Advising preparation of the uniform list including Kimono
  9. ⑨Advising Spa planning
  10. ⑩Advising recruiting the Japanese Chefs
  11. ⑪Advising export and import know-how of the Japanese goods used in the hotel

Open Kitchen

Restaurant Hall

All Season Onsen Pool