Concept Sketch of Huairou Science City

Concept Sketch of Huairou Science City


JCAP7 Won the International Competition of the Huairou Science City Planning of Beijing

1. JCAP7 Participates in the International Competitions of National Projects of China

(1) International Competition of Xion Gan New Urban Area in the Hebei Prefecture

Xion Gan New Urban District is currently situated as the third national project in China, following the Shenzhen Economic District and Shanghai Pu Dong New District. The government plans to transfers the non-capital functions of Beijing to 200 km2 Area of Xion Gan New District, which is located 100 km south of Beijing. 279 companies showed their interests and 183 teams were formed to submit the Pre-Qualification documents. After the screening process of the documents, JCAP7 was selected as one of the 12 teams for the final international competition, which were eligible to submit a proposal of the Xion Gan Urban Planning, responding to the requirements of the PQ documents. JCAP7 submitted the proposal on September 20, 2017.

Regretfully, JCAP7 was not one of the three winning teams, but our proposal was highly appreciated by the review committee. Also, JCAP7 could enhance its evaluation in China, since it was one of the 12 finalists selected from 183 teams in the world class competition. This fact made the business operation of JCAP7 easier in China, both for the official and private sectors and numbers of the invitations from those clients have increased significantly for the design and planning projects.

(2) International Competitions for Beijing Huairou Science City Project

After the competition of Xion Gan New District, JCAP7 challenged this international competition. Under the Development Policy of Three Science Cities and One District of Beijing Urban Planning, Huairou Science City is expected to be an essential activity center for the development strategy of science and technology as the capital city of China. In September 2017, Beijing City announced the request for proposal for the Beijing Huairou Science City Planning to the world-famous urban planning and design offices. After the document screening, eight teams were nominated to participate in the proposal competition out of 34 teams, whom submitted their PQ documents. Within JCAP7, JPM, URDI and TLP participated in the competition and these three JCAP7 members formed JV with Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen (hereinafter called Shenzhen-JCAP7 JV) and this time, won the competition together with Beijing Architecture Office with CarlsonRTKM and others.

2. Beijing Huairou Science City Sustainably Developing Science City for the Coming 100 Years

In 2016, Beijing City made an announcement of Huairou Development Plan as the science city. In the plan, the strategy was established to construct the facilities and platforms for the researches open to the public, which can inspire the world class technical innovation and Huairou Science City will become the center and symbol for the technical innovation of China.

According to the Beijing Urban Planning of 2017, the “Three Science Cities and One District” plan was announced to make Huairou, Zhong Guan Cun and Weilai as the three Science Cities and one Beijing Economic Technical Development District and these four areas will become the main platforms for the development of technical innovation of China. Accordingly, Beijing City performed a proposal style competition for Huairou Science City by the participation of famous planning and design offices of China and the world in September 2017. JCAP7 formed JV with Urban Planning & Design Institute of Shenzhen and challenged the competition. In August 2018, Shenzhen/JCAP7 JV and Beijing Institute of Architectural design with CallisonRTK were selected as the winners of the competition over the world-famous design offices from USA, Germany, France and others.


Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen and JCAP7 have put together their strong features, cooperated with each other and developed the perspective philosophy of city management from the macro extension and proposed one hundred year’s vision of Huairou Science City.

Urban Planning and Design Institute of Shenzhen is an authority for the urban design and consulting business and has observed the development of Shenzhen since it’s foundation in 1990. Meanwhile, it researched and resolved various urban problems and was involved in the overall city planning of Shenzhen. Both parties related to Shenzhen development and Tukuba Science City planning in Japan exchanged their opinions, mutually visited their planned cities and debated several times thoroughly to form the proposed scheme of the Huairou Science City. Both parties have reached to the conclusion that Huairou Science City must cope with the following 3 challenges;

・How to develop the sustainable technical innovation responding to the global demands?
・How to respond to continually alternating requirements of the scientific researches for the upcoming hundred years?
・How to take in the progress of the civilization actively as the frontier of the human development in the future?

Towards the above challenges, JV have further produced the proposal, resulting as the winner of the competition.

It was a pleasure of more than expected to have a deep co-relation and a sense of teamwork within the competition and in conclusion, having agreed to work together again for the similar development projects in the future.