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Signing Ceremony left: Mr. Kose, JPM President right: Mr.Zhang, Shuyuan Group President


Jinshitan Kyoto Taste Culture Village Project, Dalian, China – Signing Ceremony

Dalian Shuyuan Group projects have been reported twice in March 2017 and March 2018. Approximately 200 units villas were sold out due to the appreciation to the high quality of Tang Jingze Onsen Hotel and the Japanese style houses.

The owner and the president of Shuyuan Group, Mr. Zhang Zhongze, deeply loves the Japanese culture related to the Onsen and JCAP7 has seriously dedicated on the planning/design, the design supervision and the operation support of the hotel. We believe that such love and dedication were blended successfully to create the high quality of the projects and contributed to the favorable sales. The Planning Section of Dalian City also appreciates the serious attitude of urban development made by Shuyuan Group. As such, Dalian City has decided to lease the large area of 670,000 m2 in Jinshitan, which is close to Tang Jingze Onsen Hotel, for the urban development of residences with store in Kyoto taste. The signing ceremony was held on November 20, 2018 at the ball room of the Hotel, and Mr. Zhang and the top management of Shuyuan Group, and Mr. Kose, JPM President, Mr. Koide, URDI Chairman, Mr. Ikeda, IAO President and Professor Yamazaki of Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto and others attended to the ceremony. The local TV network also gathered the information and interviewed the attendants at the ceremony from Japan.

Interview by Local TV Station: from right, Mr. Kose, JPM President, Professor Yamazaki of Ritsumeikan University, Mr. Koide, URDI Chairman

Interview by Local TV Station: from right, Mr. Kose, JPM President, Professor Yamazaki of Ritsumeikan University, Mr. Koide, URDI Chairman

The owner of the Shuyuan Group highly appreciates the quality of the planning and architectural design services made by JCAP7 on the villa and the hotel and gave performance awards to Mr. Kose and Mr. Ikeda, IAO President, and Mr. Itakura, IAO Managing Director at the ceremony.


Performance Awards Ceremony, from left, JCAP7, Mr. Itakura, IAO Managing Director, Mr. Ikeda, IAO President, Mr. Kose, Shuyuan Group, Mr. Zhang, Ms. Zhang Yang, Vice President, Ms. Sun Xia, Director

JCAP7 will continue to provide various services on the project development such as planning, design and operation supports and is committed to enhancing the quality of Jinshitan district, which is ranked as the 5A Resort by Chinese Government and to make this Kyoto taste cultural village as one of the representing projects in the area. For your information, 5A Resort means a standard stipulated by the Tourist Board of Chinese Government in view of not only the importance and fame of the sightseeing spot, but also safety, cleanliness, sanitation and transportation convenience. The standard and ranking were established in 1999 to enhance the quality of the sightseeing spots in China and Jinshitan was ranked as the highest 5A in 2010, which was newly added in 2004.

With the overall planning, JCAP7 endeavors to produce the atmosphere like Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka slopes towards Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto by arranging prosperous Kyoto taste Machiya, the urban houses, where the houses for residences with stores are standing side by side. Professor Yamazaki is working together with JCAP7 to plan and design the Kyoto taste township and residences.

Jinshitan district is close to the sea and 6 million people come for enjoying sea bathing during summer season. However, due to shortage of accommodations, many of them are forced to go home in a day. However, once the Machiya residences are completed, they can be used as the private lodging facilities, resulting in activation of the shop/store functions of the area. Furthermore, large scale natural forest park, flower garden, lighting-up illumination, seashore paths reaching to the off-shore small island, etc. are planned by JCAP7 to produce the year-round unique sightseeing resort with the extraordinary experiences such as Japanese cultures, wonderful natures and surprises to the citizens of Dalian and tourists mainly from three provinces in the North-East Region of China.

JCAP7 will continue to report the planning of Jinshitan Kyoto Taste Culture Village Project by JCAP7 News, once they are established and open to the public.