Hokkaido Garden Show 2015 Daisetsu is now Open

In the previous JCAP7 News issued in February 2015, Hokkaido Garden Show 2015 Daisetsu (HGS Daisetsu) was introduced as an advanced information and HGS Daisetsu is now open since May 30. JCAP7 staff have organized a group tour for information in late June and visited Kamuimintara, Daisetsu Forest Garden and Ueno Farm.

June end is the season of new green leaves, however at the high mountain of Kamuimintara it was a bit early to appreciate the alpine flora and snow patches were remaining from place to place. In Daisetsu Forest Garden, early summer flowers started to bloom, and the theme garden named “Journey of Life” and the other competition gardens were beautifully finished and good for our appreciation. The main feature, Dress Garden Kante is now decorated by elegant and dressy flowers. It should be NOW, the best time to see HGS Daisetsu.

The last garden we visited was Ueno Farm. It has an existing garden of 6.600m2, and it was doubled at this opportunity of HGS Daisetsu and established “A Garden of Gnome”. Ueno Farm was designed by Ms. Sayuki Ueno and based on English-style garden of hardy perennials that have been rearranged to suit the Hokkaido climate. Moreover, it was a big surprise that this large 13,200m2 garden is maintained only by two ladies, small Sayuki san and her mother.

Flowers were blooming to the extent of hem of Dress Garden Kante and it should be more beautiful and gorgeous as of now. The person on the stand is Mr. Takano, Director of HGS Daisetsu.

JCAP7 staff with Ms Sayuki Ueno in front of “A Garden of Gnome”. This large garden is maintained by only two ladies. Big surprise!

You are cordially invited to visit this elegant and pretty flower garden of Hokkaido. This HGS Daisetsu is open until October 4. At the time in Hokkaido, the autumn color of leaves will start and various fruits and berries also grow. Sharp contrast of vivid flowers and cool color of leaves will give you a feeling of brisk autumn days.

The following is a message from Mr. Fumiaki Takano, Chairperson of Takano Landscape Planning and Honorable Director of HGS Daisetsu and he is talking about history and features of HGS Daisetsu.

“Outline of Hokkaido Garden Show”

At the end of this message, I have to say that HGS Daisetsu is held under the executive committee system which is organized by various people and parties concerned. As such, HGS Daisetsu is held without having large support from neither private sector nor government, but mainly by Kamikawa Town budget and admission fee of the visitors. We gratefully appreciate your visiting and enjoying our HGS Daisetsu at any time.

Fumiaki Takano
Honorable Director of HGS Daisetsu &
Chairperson of Takano Landscape Planning