ntroduction of JCAP7 Projects in China

Introduction of JCAP7 Projects in China

China is developing with high rate of economic growth, approximately 7% per annum in GDP base, although it has dropped from two digit growth in early 2000. The Government has now set one of the goals to achieve “a moderately prosperous society” and it is expected to enhance the facilities of the less developed fields like welfare, social security services and resort compared with the advance countries. By the rapid economic growth of China, the more people have more opportunities to go abroad and from this experience, the people now desire to have high quality of resort facilities in their own country. Many tourists are now coming to Japan as well and they are impressed very much by the tranquil and healthy relaxation obtained by the Onsen facilities. As such, at the places in China where hot springs are upwelling, the owners wish to build similar Japanese style Onsen hotel and facilities and requested JCAP7 to plan and design such facilities. From this background, JCAP7 has designed many Onsen facilities in China in terms of planning, basic design, design supervision and operation support. In this opportunity of JCAP7 News of Summer Edition, we are glad to introduce a part of JCAP7 activities by showing some Onsen facilities in China and the educational facility of Yanbian University in Jilin Province, all under construction.

In China, the National Development Plan is issued every 5 years and now it has reached to 13th edition. The investment to the development of infrastructure has continued to be the top position, but it is becoming an important target to invest in the welfare to the elderly people such as care facilities and senior residences. JCAP7 has abandoned experiences and achievements in this field and steers to this direction to cope with this current change of the state policy in China.

1. Angsana Xian Lintong Yuechum Hotel and Resort

A superior hotel, Angsana Xian Lington Yechum Hotel & Resort in Shanxi Province will be open soon in coming autumn which is operated by world famous Banyan Hotel Group of Singapore. It has the site area of 156,700m2 and 400 rooms in main hotel unit, state guest house, shopping mall, conference rooms, spa-resort and Onsen zone. JCAP7 has involved in the planning, design and supervision of this Onsen zone which has 8,600m2 bathing area inside and outside of the buildings.

We set the concept of Onsen zone as “creation of bathing relaxation in the atmosphere mixed by Chinese soil and stone culture represented by roof tiles of Han era and Japanese timberwork culture.” Total volume of hot spring is reaching to 450 ton per day for Onsen area and swimming pool and this volume is multiple of the large scale Onsen facilities in Japan. There is no reference to control such a vast volume of hot spring in the circulation filtering system and JCAP7 had a hard time in designing the system and also explaining to Chinese engineers and operators. Now the architectural and M&E facilities are almost completed and the contractors are rushing to finish the landscaping works around the exterior bathing area, as we call “Rotenburo” and we are looking forward to the opening of the hotel in this autumn.

 View of Exterior Circuit Style Rotenburo (Picture February 2015)

 View of landscaping pond around Exterior Circuit Style Rotenburo (Picture February 2015)

 Onsen Spa Lobby No.1 (Picture July 2015)

 Interior Pool (Picture July 2015)

 Onsen Rock Bath-1 (Picture July 2015)

 Exterior Onsen Rock Bath -2 (Picture July 2015)

 Pedestrian walk in Onsen Zone (Picture July 2015)

2. Dalian Kaichen Onsen Hotel

Kaichen Onsen Hotel is located in Jinlandian District, 100km north of Dailian City in Liaoning Province where Japanese investors are operating many hotels and resorts. The hotel is a Japanese style Onsen inn with site area of 11,500m2, total floor area of 13,500m2 and the garden area of 6,000m2. The owner is Dalian Kaichen Investment Company and is very keen to introduce Japanese style Onsen culture, and the hotel is adopting even Japanese style bathing manner.

This Kaichen Onsen Hotel has 24 rooms in the hotel building and 31 rooms in 7 villas and the hotel building has 5 stories and first floor is occupied by lobby, banquet rooms, and big bathes, and the 2nd to 5th floors are for the guest rooms. JCAP7 started the design services in October 2010, completed the basic design in 2011, the landscape design in 2013, and the interior design in August 2015. It is planned to complete the construction within 2015 and to be open in early 2016.

 Approach to the hotel

 View of hotel and villas form inner garden

 Looking at the villas from the hotel. The building in the front is a bar lounge facing the pond in the garden

3.Dalian Shuyuan Tangjing Onsen Resort

The owner is Dalian Shuyuan Group in Dalian City and the main business is development and antique furniture production. The site is located 60km east of Dalian and the area is as large as 14.3ha in Jinshitan 5A class Tourist Area. The site can produce abundant volume of hot spring and JCAP7 has planned a Onsen resort consisting of hotels of 83,000m2 total floor area and villas each equipped with exterior Onsen bath. The resort is under construction and the hotel is planned to be open in 2016 spring.

JCAP7 joined to this Onsen Resort project from the early stage of planning in 2012 and further designed and is now supervising the construction of the project. The owner has been showing preference to Japan and visited various Onsen resorts in Japan and impressed very much by tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, healing and hotel management by Omotenashi spirit. The owner is requesting JCAP7 to dispatch management staff for this resort to realize Japanese style Onsen hotel management

(1)Mater Plan

In 2012, JPM was requested to establish a master plan for the 5 star resort hotel and villas with exterior Onsen bath in the site. It is surrounded by natural preserved mountain forest and environmentally superior. Using the hot spring, we have proposed 5 key words to be harmonized and create a design concept for the development, namely “warmness and hospitality, beautiful view, harmony of Chinese and Japanese culture, luxury and environmentally friendly” and to design the Onsen resort equipped with originality, comfort and innovation. Below is the original master plan of this Dalian Shuyuan Tangjing Onsen Resort.

 Original Master Plan

(2)Tangjingze Onsen Hotel Project

The hotel site is located at the south of the revised Master Plan and the area is 37,000m2 and the total floor area is 12,000m2. We proposed a Japanese style Onsen hotel which lives together with the surrounding nature created by bountiful forest and water features. We have set a design concept to create a space to feel a universe by the human five senses while having a bath in the tranquil Onsen with the shower of abundant nature. In the year 2012, we have finished the architectural and landscape design and started the interior design from 2014 and the group aims to be open in February, 2016.

 Original master Plan was revised to make the West Zone to be the first development area and southern part is the enlarged hotel area

 View of the hotel area under construction

(3) Onsen Resort Villa Project

This is an Onsen Villa project to build 300 units in the north of the hotel area which are all Japanese style in terms of architectural, interior and garden design and each unit is equipped with exterior Onsen bath, which is very unique in China. The design has started in 2015 and a model house is under construction since June, 2015 and completed in early October.

Viewing the Onsen Villa Phase I under construction from the hotel.

4.Yanbian University Experiment Building

JCAP7 is focusing not only on the resort projects, but also on the educational projects and the Experiment Building of Yanbian University in Yanji City, Jilin Province is one of the typical examples which were contracted in February, 2013 for the design services to begin with. JCAP7 has endeavored to inject the latest technology required as the experimental function and to perform high quality of design services. JPM is working as the main design office of JCAP7 team and holds Yanbian University Architectural Design Research Institute as the top shareholder of the institute. The Institute has a national license to perform a construction design and after finishing the basic design, JCAP7 moves to prepare the construction drawings by the use of the institute. Accordingly JCAP7 has a status to take a single line design responsibility in China.

Upon the performance of this project, JCAP7 is appreciated very highly by Yanbian University and JCAP7 extended best efforts to aim the award of best design office in China during the design stage. Further during the construction stage, JPM is now performing full supervision to aim Luban Award”, the highest honorable award of the national high quality project in construction industry.

Bird eye view of the completed Experiment Building of Yanbian Unoversity

The Earth Works

The Foundation Works