Dalian Shuyuan Project、Onsen Hotel & Villas

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Dalian Shuyuan Project、Onsen Hotel & Villas

 Dalian Shuyuan Project is located in Tangjingze Hot Spring, 40 km west of Dalian City of Liaoning Province, China and is developing Onsen Hotel and Villas. JCAP7 has started working for the planning in 2011, and the project has come to the stage of completion in the winter of 2017. JCAP 7 will introduce this project with the latest photos.

 The picture on the left shows Porte Cochere of the hotel. The picture on the right shows Fall Garden in front of the hotel lobby. Due to cold weather, the stream cannot be seen, but water flows underneath the corridor and falls into the pond in the back.

The project client is Dalian Shuyuan Group and its site area is as large as 37,000m2 for the hotel and 90,000m2 for the villas development. The hotel is scheduled to have the grand-opening in April, 2017 and presently the hotel operators are quite busy for preparing the opening. Villa sales enjoy high popularity since the commencement of 50 units of Phase I in March, 2016. They were already sold out and now shifted to second and third phase sales with 76 and 70 units respectively. As of mid-March, of 2017, 66 units were sold and the remaining is 80 units. Economic activity in Liaoning Province seems very slow and above all, its real estate business is in extreme slackness. Nevertheless, Shuyuan Project shows good performance on the sales, which is very extraordinary situation in China. Below is a bird-eye-view of the project. The lower part is the hotel and the upper part is the villas with the total units of 196.

 Tnagjingze Hot Spring is located only 60 minutes’ drive by car from Dalian. In 2011 when the planning was commenced, it was developed as the high class Japanese Onsen hotel with luxurious entertainment facilities. However, due to policy change by Chinese government in recent years, the specifications were reviewed and modified from the high class Onsen to one day Onsen facilities for public guests use. Tnagjingze Hot Spring has had the grand opening through this background. The hotel design is all Japanese style from the strong intent of the group owner, and once stepping into the hotel, you will feel as if you were in the high class Onsen hotel in Japan.

Hotel Lobby

Spa Lounge

Restaurant Hall

Banquet Room

Dry Garden Style

Fountain Garden

 Onsen in Japan is very popular among Chinese people. Especially, the owner was very much impressed by the hospitality and atmosphere of the Onsen hotels in Japan. He wished to build the similar facilities in China and requested JCAP7 to design, supervise and support the hotel operations. JCAP7 have endeavored to produce Japanese taste during construction.

Onsen Bath & Garden

Open-air Bath

 Also, the villas are designed fully in a Japanese style. In general, the floor area of Chinese villa is designed to be 200 - 300 m2, but in Shunyuan case, it was set to be less than 200m2, but room layout is made more effective and flexible in a Japanese way. Further, the second floor setting-back from the lower floor façade gave more open atmosphere on the street scape. Landscaping was intentionally designed with Japanese style by use of locally available trees and stones, and a Japanese gardener was dispatched for the supervision of planting and stone layout to constrain Japanese flavor on the landscaping. We believe that such design concept and efforts to produce Japanese atmosphere in actual implementation are supporting to good sales of the villa units.

Shyuyuan Streetscape

Single Family Villa with Pool

 JCAP 7 has been providing entire design services including, planning, design, government permits, and construction administration. In addition, JCAP 7 has been preparing the hotel opening with teaching Japanese hospitality, the “Omotenashi” mind, and instructing Japanese cuisines by authentic Japanese Chefs sent from Japan. As it is the embodied policy of JCAP7 to provide total project management services from planning and design to hotel operation, it is our great honor for the execution of the policy on the Shuyuan project, and we are very proud of announcing its project completion.

Opening Support of Hotel Operation for Shuyuan Onsen Hotel

 The owner of Dalian Shuyuan Group shows keen preference to Japan and requested JCAP7 to support to produce good nature on the Japanese style operation. The following services were made on the operation support;

  1. 1.Establishing operation policy
  2. 2.Advising operation know-how of high class Japanese Onsen hotel.
  3. 3.Preparation of time schedule towards hotel opening
  4. 4.Advise to establish the operation organization
  5. 5.Training to operation staff
  6. 6.Advise to kitchen instruments
  7. 7.Preparing a list of kitchen tools and goods
  8. 8.Advise to prepare uniform list including Kimono
  9. 9.Advise to Spa planning
  10. 10.Advise to recruit Japanese chefs in terms of timing and introduction
  11. 11.Advise to export and import of hotel goods

Open Kitchen

Restaurant Hall

 Especially, because staff training was most important issue to produce Japanese hospitality on its operation, five full time instructors were teaching the Chinese staff in the training institute in Dalian, such subjects like hospitality mind, Omotenashi manner, Japanese style services and procedures in the room and restaurant, etc. At the end the training, we believe that Chinese staff changed their smile more charming, and their service manners were highly improved. We also emphasized the training of the food sanitation to serve safe foods to the guests.

 On August 19, 2015, the first meeting was held in Dalian for hotel opening preparation and thereafter total of 10 meetings and 6 training sessions have been held for the trainings. As a final consummation, a trial stay inspection was performed on January 22, 2017, and JCAP7 has completed supporting services for the hotel operation. The invitation to media and special guests were commenced from January 23 and the grand opening ceremony will be held in April, 2017.

Onsen Wing