Twin Link Motegi Forest Park

(Tochigi Prefecture)
Using the abundant forest surrounding Motegi Circuit where world class circuits such as Indi Car Race and Motocross GP are held, this park was created to show the new trail how Honda Motors tackles with forest environment.

Miyanooka Kindergarten

Understanding that kids can grow physically and mentally through contact with various people, friends and generations and join into a healthy social life, this kindergarten aims to be the place where various and many people can gather and support each other like a“village”.

National Hitachi Beach Park

(Ibaragi Prefecture)
This is a preparatory playground for the kids to enjoy forest play in a full swing. They feel the shape and materials of the tree as it is and fallen trees are used as a tool for the kids to set off various plays and exercises. The growing trunks of the willow trees are used to form a willow tunnel and it encourages the growth of the kids.

National Okinawa Ocean Expo Park Fort Kids

(Okinawa Prefecture)
The historically diversified climate and culture of Okinawa is expressed in the production of this park. A white travertine fort induces the dreams of kids from its softly curved shape. Colorful hammocks are arranged in spaces to develop the touchable art works for kids.

National Showa Memorial Park Kids Forest

In this park, kids can enjoy a variety of large scale space experiences and they can feel the evolution from a single play facility to the dreaming environment of a play world.

National Takino Suzuran Hillpark Kids Valley

Suzuran is a lily of the valley. This is a nature playground for the kids so that they can play freely in the natural ground. The space is designed for the kids to throw off daily limitations, enhance the sensitivities and play around cheerfully in the forest.

Mt. Fuji Kids Park

(Shizuoka Prefecture)
Using the wide spacious area spreading over the foot of Mt. Fuji, five natural elements are formed as country themes such as “Grass Country” “Water country” “Forest Country” “Ground Country” and “Mountain Country and a plying environment is developed. Due consideration is made for the handicapped and elderly persons to play and enjoy the park together.

Landscape Design Kids Garden