Time Plaza in National Michinoku Forest Lake-side Park

(Miyagi Prefecture)
Tohoku District; This park is located in the middle of the deciduous tree zone and the park design concept adapts the Jomon Culture (prehistoric Japan), which was created in this region, the nature and philosophy which have been raised by the deciduous woods represented by beech trees.

Shah Alam Central Park

This park is designed to create a forest of indigenous Malaysian trees and to symbolize the remarkable speed of Malaysia’s growing economy.

Anba Mountain Harbor View Park

(Miyagi Prefecture)
One of the activation projects of Kesennuma City. A 100 persons Work Shop was organized from the Greater Kesennuma Region from the planning to the construction stage to share the impression of creation by all participants.

Mawaki Archeological park

(Ishikawa Prefecture)
Park facilities to be enjoyed by the inhabitants of Noto Town. Onsen facilities for the elderly and a play-ground for the kids. The design theme was Jomon Culture (prehistoric Japan).

Tokachi Ecological Park

(Otofuke, Hokaido)
Taking the mid-stream of Tokachi River as the foundation of the Hokkaido Tokachi Area environment, Tokachi Ecology Park is an environment conservation type park without relying on the facilities.

Akenogaoka Park, Development Centenary Facility Prari, Makubetu Town

A symbolic facility on a hill overlooking Makubetu Town, whereby people can feel the wind, sunshine and richness of the earth. This park is meant to be the place to review the history of the development of Hokkaido and to think of the nature of the Tokachi area to date and in the future.

Luodong Sports Park

This sports park was built for the citizens of Yilan Prefecture to casually enjoy various sports in the great outdoors surrounded by water and forests, as the first trial in Taiwan.

Landscape Design Park