Tokachi Millennium Forest

This park was planned using a broad 400ha area of land stretching over the foot of the Hidaka Mountain Range in Hokkaido. A local newspaper company established a CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility) to create a forest with the theme of “LANDSCAPE to preserve and transfer to the future” as a compensation to off-set a vast consumption of paper by the newspaper.

Chautmont International Garden Festival Garden of Time Flow

The world class garden show in France. Proposed garden, “Zenith” which means in Latin sphere, expresses the flow of the time and the movement of the nature by the shadow of columns to measure the movement of the sun.

Asahikawa Kitasaito Garden

(Ashikawa, Hokkaido)
A garden directly connected to JR Asahikawa Station. As “an oasis in the city”, this park is aimed to be a place for the citizens to relax and share the atmosphere of Asahikawa with the tourists.

Albert Kahn Garden

(Boulogne Billancourt, Haut de Seine, France)
This is a Japan-France partnership project to renew the Japanese garden in Alber Kahn Park. The life of Mr. Kahn is represented by the flow of water, but attention was paid to understand the concept of the garden by the person without having in-depth knowledge about Japanese traditional culture.

Credit Agricole Head Office Landscaping

Credit Agricole, one of the largest banks in Europe, established a project to consolidate the buildings and functions of the bank in one premise located in the suburban area of Paris. The new campus landscape plan is meant to produce a new co-relation between the human and natural environments.

Takahashi Construction Head Office

(Obihiro City, Hokkaido)
The company building identifies the corporate philosophy and spirit. The president had a strong belief that a construction company in the 21st century shall aim to be the symbiosis of human beings and nature and constructed a building covered by the greens and synchronized with the nature.

Taisetu Forest Garden & Forest Guest House

(Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido)
Kamikawa-cho planned to build “a garden guest house in the forest” and the following development concepts were made so that the citizen can welcome the tourists with proud;
1.The garden guest house not only to contribute to the sightseeing, but also to make the life of the citizen more novel
2.The real, but friendly entrance to the Taisetu Mountain Forest
3.Creation of Kamikawa-cho Brand

Masuya Bakery, Mugioto Shop

(Obihiro City, Hokkaido)
he shop is located south of Obihiro with the area of 0.8 ha, which is the largest bakery in Japan. Using this extraordinary large premise, a landscape concept is used to arrange the Tokachi wheat field to produce bread flour for shop consumption.

Landscape Design Garden